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Sunday Sweets Is Up In The Air

John's latest YouTube addiction includes all things magic. He's been bingeing Penn & Teller's Fool Us, and every time there's an especially unbelievable act, he'll turn to me and say, in his best Monty Python voice, "A WITCH!"

Which brings me to today's Sweets:


(Make Me My Cake, Florida)




Seriously, I've featured gravity-defying cakes before, but bakers are raising the bar even higher.


(Pucky Cakes Academy, online tutorials)

... with no visible supports.

Er, I'd like a member of the audience to go up and wave their arms around under that tightrope, please.

Here come a couple of gems:


(Avalon Cakes School, online tutorials)

 Never take them for granite.

I must have musicals on the brain today, because this one made me bust out with "Dancing Through Life" from Wicked:


(Berber's Cakes & Moulds, the Netherlands)

Or should that be "Dancing Through Liefe"? :D 

Also I should note that all that lace is edible. YES REALLY. 

::mind: blown::

Every Broadway fan knows what to sing with this one, right?


(Kara's Couture Cakes, online classes)

"The cake turned upside down."

Ooh, I'm on a roll; I even found a Castle on a Cloud!


(Dawn Butler of Cake Frame [no website, link leads to .pdf])

Well, more of a snowy water spout than a cloud, but still.

I especially love this one because of how little cake it uses; perfect for smaller parties! It's also one of the best uses of the Wilton Turret set I've seen.

K, enough musicals, let's get back to the MAGIC:


(King's Cake House, UK)

This looks like a levitating trick that guy from Magic For Humans (which John also watches too much of) would do - only without all the obvious camera tricks. (Heyooooo) Plus it's cake, which means it's the BEST kind of magic. Nomz.

At some point your brain sort of shuts down in disbelief, which is where I'm at with this humpback whale cake:


(Michael Almeida, Portugal)

WOW. Just... wow.

I'm not sure if this M&M is hanging from the ceiling or supported underneath, but either way my jaw dropped - AND it's in my favorite colors:


(Make Pretty Cakes, New Zealand)

Ha! So good! Great shine on his candy shell, too.

And finally, my favorite: a roly-poly unicorn floating around on her back clutching a donut:


(Ulika Smirnova, Russia)

This is the me I see when I close my eyes. 

Hey, we have to have goals, right?

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope your week is extra Sweet.


You probably think you don't need a floating moon lamp, but look how cool this is:


 Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp

It floats, spins, and has independent lights in the base and the moon itself for a warm glow. Be sure to watch the videos of it in action, since photos don't do it justice!


And from my other blog, Epbot:

Art for australia.jpg
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