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Sunday Sweets For Cookie Cutter Week

It's Cookie Cutter Week, Sweets fans, but I'm here to show you how cookie-cutter cookies can be anything but "cookie cutter":

(The Cookie Confectionery, hobby baker)

Eeeee! SO CUTE.

I love this hand painted watercolor style:


 (The Ginger Bites, Louisiana)

Plus let's hear it for rainbows, which are the only way you'll ever see orange on a Christmas cookie. ;)

I actually thought these were separate puzzle pieces at first!


 (Cookies By Lindsay)

SUCH a cool design, and a clever way to level up a standard heart cutter.

I'm a sucker for non-traditional holiday colors, so have some blue-hatted Santas:


 (Angela's Sweets, Russia)

... made from simple star cutters!

Now some bright purple-and-teal winter wear:


(Di Art Sweets, Bulgaria)

See the little heart buttons on the owl scarves? Those are my favorite bits.

We've got to have some classic Grinch green and red, though:


(K is for Kookies, Texas)

I admit it, the Jim Carrey version is a must-watch every year for me. John and I regularly describe things as, "joyful AND triumphant," and ask  "...but what will I WEAR?!" when invited to things. We're a hoot.

You know what else is classic? 

Santa's milk and cookies:


 (Mulberry T)

How adorable is this?! Now I want to find little milk jars and fill them up with tiny milk & cookie cookies! Although I'd use real chocolate chip cookies, because chocolate.

Remember how I thought the heart cookies were puzzle pieces? Well here's an actual cookie puzzle, but with the most unusual and clever pieces:


(Corianne's Custom Cookies, online tutorials)

Ingenious! This way you never have that heart-breaking moment of breaking Santa's face; you just devour it little by little. :D Such a cute gift idea, too.

There are so many gorgeously painted cookies out there, but these made me laugh, so...


(Torty VIZ, Slovakia)

As a Floridian, that's my face anytime it's below 60 degrees, haha.

Also as a Floridian, I've got to show some love to the Mouse!


(You Can Call Me Sweetie, Miami)

I think those peppermint swirls steal the show for me; I love the shading! Although the string of lights are a close second with that subtle glow.

And finally, these snow-globe cookie creations made me gasp:


(Lucie Bakes, Vancouver)

Look at that incredible sugar glass! I'd never have thought to pipe on top of it like that, wow. Just stunning.

I hope these made you smile! Have an extra sweet Sunday, my friends.


Hang on, there is ONE classic Christmas cookie I didn't feature, let's see if you recognize it from just the cutter:


 A Christmas Story Cookie Cutter

And it's only $6!


And from my other blog, Epbot:

Disney's Christmas Trees.jpg
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