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Cake Wrecks

Getting Your Just Deserts

They asked for a Flash-themed birthday cake. You know, that show on the CW?


Yeah. That one.


They got this:


So... A++ on really nailing those colors.


Speaking of which, Brittany M. asked her bakery to write, "A+ 100!" on her cake, either to celebrate good grades or a really obscure math joke.

Anyway, since that's all she wanted, Brittany asked them to write it pretty big.


You knew this was coming, didn't you.


Last weekend it dropped below 80 for the first time here in Orlando, so to celebrate:



Or is that a worm dragging potatoes?

Either way, I think it gets the point across: YAY FALL.


And now, the ugliest Christening cake... of all time:


This was clearly decorated by a hung-over, one-eyed, peg-fingered pirate prone to hand spasms and angry tirades about how much he hates cake. And decorating. And children.

Though judging by all the little scuff marks, he may have let the parrot help.


And finally, the submission that made John shout with laughter and then insist on reading aloud to me:


Tina F. writes,

"I was overseeing a conference of over 170 priests and deacons, and ordered 2 cakes for dessert. When asked how they should be decorated, I told the baker, 'no decorations - just make them look like dessert cakes. On the chocolate maybe some chocolate drizzle, on the carrot cake maybe little carrots and sprinkles with nuts.'"

I get the feeling the baker only wrote down the first part of what Tina said, though, because here are the two cakes she received:

TinaFis.justmakethemlooklikedessertcakes1.jpg TinaFis.justmakethemlooklikedessertcakes2.jpg

Give it a minute.

Oh, what a difference an S makes.


Thanks to Samantha C., Brittany M., Melissa F., Laura, & Tina F. for not "deserting" us.


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