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I'm Telling You, "Turkey Mob" Is Gonna Be A Hit

I'm putting together my own Thanksgiving play, minions, because what else is there to do today besides eat and argue politics with our relatives?

Now I know it's a little cliche, but I'm aiming for a classical period piece here like Downtown Abbey, only starring old-timey gangster turkey cakes.

Let's meet the cast!

 Bugsy McWattle:


"Do I amuse you?"

Daddy Long Legs:

"You want I should stomp 'em, boss?"

Billy the Beak:


::silent pecking::

The Weasel:


::more silent pecking::

The Mountain Doorstop:


The Speakeasy Squad:


"We're on a mission from Squad." 

Joey "Ruffle Butt" Malone:


"You ruffle my feathers, I break-a you face."

One-Eyed Willy:


AKA the hatchet bird.

"Lucky" Bakewell:





And of course, The Godfeather:


"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse. Seconds."

Happy Thanksgiving, minions! And remember, I have literally thousands of cakes that look like wangs in the Cake Wrecks archives to lighten the mood today. Solid family entertainment!

Thanks to Cat B., Dave & Alison, Caitlin D., Ursula S., Grace S., Meryl M., Mishaela B., Cathleen M., Darcienne, & Brooke B. for playing along.

I suppose this is also a good time to remind you there's a Cake Wrecks holiday book, which makes an EXCELLENT stocking stuffer thanks to its small-ish rectangular shape.


Wreck The Halls

Bonus Fun Fact: if you find a copy where the yellow splat in the lower right corner is a sticker, that's because we originally misspelled the cover, and the sticker is hiding our shame. No one ever fixed it, though, so I think reprints might be shipping without the sticker? Bahaha! Really, it just adds to the wrecky glory of it all.


And from my other blog, Epbot:

Frizzy Doll Hair New.jpg
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