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Sunday Sweets: 10 Cakes With Curtain Calls

You know I love a good cake trend, and here's one that has it all: drama, style, and most importantly, a plethora of pun potential.

Here, let me set the stage:

(Elysia Root Cakes, Chicago)

Eh? EH?

Yep, if all the world's a stage, then the world is now that much sweeter... and edible. 

K, not sure that metaphor is working, but my point is these things are awesome. They combine our love of cake with our love of miniatures, because who wouldn't squeal over a tiny table of tea cakes set inside another cake?


(Baker unknown. Anyone?)


My favorite thing about this style (besides everything) is that you get a massive cake even if you don't need to feed a massive crowd. Thanks to the high stages embedded inside, these cakes have legs for days.


 (Madl Creations, Belgium)

Only fitting for the Moulin Rouge!

And of course every stage needs proper lighting:


(Le Novelle Cake, Indonesia)


I don't see many steampunk cakes anymore, but I still love the style. The gathered skirts! The tiny top hat!

Not all of these are stages per se; some have tiny rooms instead.


(Dmytrii Puga, Ukraine)

This is setting off my long-buried desires for a dollhouse, y'all. Look at the wallpaper! And that teeny door!

Here's a more shallow stage, so it doesn't have to replace all the cake in the middle tier:


(Sugar Street Studios, United Kingdom)

Those flowers growing up from the base are so pretty!

And another musical number:


(Mladman Cakes, Bulgaria)

A lot of these have tiny chandeliers inside, but I like the spray of pearls instead.

I'm not sure if this counts as a stage cake since it goes all the way through, but... how cool is this?


(Baker unknown. Help!)

It's like a secret chamber in there! And what a fun idea to put the wedding topper INSIDE the cake. Love it.

For this one a hand-painted castle takes center stage:

(CakeHeads, Online)

Aww, look at the tiny thrown roses!

 And finally, let's close the curtains with a tale as old as time:


(Bonboni Cake, Egypt)

What a beauty.

Hope these gave you a smile, and your Sunday is extra Sweet!


Oooh, have you see those miniature DIY kits that come with working lights and tons of tiny accessories? Because omigosh, you guys, there's a little bakery:


Look at all the teeny cakes!


 DIY Miniature House Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to make the whole room for less than $20. Oooooh. That's dangerous, is what that is.  :D


And from my other blog, Epbot:

Pees Standing Up.jpg
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