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Bakin' Makes Me Feel Good! 11 Ghostbusters Sweets

If you follow my personal shenanigans over on Epbot then you know I spent all of October seriously geeking out over Ghostbusters. Mostly by way of building increasingly ridiculous Halloween decorations.

So now that Halloween is over, and John and I've had to pack away our 12-foot Stay Puft head from the roof, and our Slimer captured in a proton stream, and our smoking Terror Dog House, well, there's really only one thing left to do.

Look at Ghostbusters cakes!

(Cakes & Co)




Oh, sorry, is it too early to bust out the rap?

... fine.

I love that art of Slimer on top; he's just the right mix of creepy and fun.

You already know my heart belongs to this giant marshmallow boi, though:


(Piece Of Cake, Wales)

I've been saying "Sweet Stay Puft" here on Cake Wrecks for about a decade - and even longer in real life -  so it's fun to finally use it as a descriptor. SWEET STAY PUFT! Don't you want to hug him?

The one thing our Halloween setup lacked this year was an Ecto-1 - so maybe we can use this cake as a model next year?

(Brendy's Cakes, Texas)

Pretty sure Slimer will be running all the red lights.

Here's a picture-perfect fire house BEFORE the containment unit blew the roof off:


(Coco Paloma Desserts, Texas)

I can almost hear Ray yelling down, "Hey, does this pole still work?"


Remember how I said that first Slimer was the right mix of creepy and fun?

Well brace yourself, 'cuz this one's alllll creepy:


(The Bake King, United Kingdom)

But in the BEST WAY. I mean, let's face, Slimer IS an ugly little spud. Plus I could swear he's actually glowing!

Anyone remember The Real Ghostbusters cartoon?


(Patty Cakes Tasty Bakes, California)

Yep, animated Slimer is definitely cuter. Plus I like this design! Great colors, and the gray brick looks fantastic with the slime drips.

Speaking of great colors, how about some hot pink slime?


(Jo's Cakes, Illinois)

I'm actually really digging this, and it's nice to see one for the 2016 cast. (Say what you will, but Holtzmann is GOALS. Plus I'm chuffed that a Yates Ghostbuster is canon now.)

One more for my squishy sweet boy:

(Catherine Beddall, Canada)

If I had this cake I would be forced to poke his belly like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Which, if you think about it... those two have to be related, right?

Here's a genius use of the Ghostbusters 2 logo:


(Kuramata Cakes & Sugar Flowers, New York)

The birthday boy is this many! Ha!

The sculpting on everything here is phenomenal, I'm so impressed.

Another cartoon Slimer, along with a few of his favorite snacks:


(Katy's Creative Cakes, United Kingdom)

And finally, this one is SO different and happy and sweet I had to stop and stare:


(Cake Hero, New York)

The longer I look at this, the more I love it! The purple looks fantastic with Slimer's neon green, and I'm digging the de-saturated logo on top. Plus the visual of Slimer taking a joy ride above the clouds during a lightning storm just makes me happy. Good good stuff.


 They packed up the group 

Got a grip, came equipped

Grabbed their proton packs on their backs

And they SPLIT

Found about Vigo, the master of evil,

Try to battle my boys?

Happy Sunday, minions (of Gozer)! I hope it's extra Sweet.


If you're looking to revisit your childhood - or introduce your own kids to Slimer and the gang - you can get this box set of The Real Ghostbusters for less than $30:


The Real Ghostbusters Animated Series

That's only the first 50+ episodes, but not bad for the price!


And from my other blog, Epbot:

Our Ghostbusters Halloween.jpg
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