Cake Wrecks (cakewrecks) wrote,
Cake Wrecks

Surprise! IT A WRECK!

Brenna P. writes,

"Since it was my husband’s birthday last week, I thought it would be a fun idea to get a birthday cake that would also reveal the gender of our baby due this summer."


[nodding vigorously] Excellent, excellent. WHAT COULD GO WRONG WITH THIS PLAN.

[making popcorn]
[pulling up beanbag chair]

Ok, Brenna, please.


"I asked that the bakery put blue frosting in the middle of the cake, with the intention of cutting it open to reveal that it’s a boy."

Good thinking. Solid plan. I like it.


And... ?



Note the lovely schmear of blue frosting right in the "middle" of the cake, just like Brenna asked.

(The whole "It a ..." misspelling was just the metaphorical cherry on top.)


Ah, but I know what you're thinking: what color icing was on the inside?


Silly wreckie; there WAS no icing on the inside, haha!

(C'mon, now, how long have you been reading this blog? I mean, REALLY.)



Oh hey, if you like surprises but hate people, I have JUST THE THING:


The Original Spider Prank Box

The plastic spider leaps out as you slide the door open, and as the recipient of a similar box I can assure you: this thing's a real scream. Perfect for nosy roommates, co-workers, your kids... hey, I'm not here to judge. :p

And from my other blog, Epbot:

Melted Crayon Art.jpg
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