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Un-Scrutable Mysteries (You Know, Like 'Unsolved Mysteries?')

The baker was confused on how to spell the name TJ, so Mary said, "It's just the letters T and J."



Let's see if you can guess what THIS customer wanted:


If ONLY there were some way bakers could know, you know?

And finally, Kylie and her boyfriend share a birthday, so her mom ordered them a cake. When asked about the decorations, Kylie's mom said, "They're boyfriend/girlfriend," figuring that would help.

Not only did this information NOT help, it backfired most spectacularly. I'm actually impressed, y'all. This is next level Cake Wrecks Telephone, and all I can say is, WHOOMP, "they're" it is:


"there big Girl friend!"

Soak that in, my friends. The botched homophone, the random capitalization, the irresistible mystery of what the baker THOUGHT they were writing... it's just so beautiful.

Although there are a few hearts thrown in, so at least they nailed the decorating part.

Hey, Mary E., Ellen K., & Kylie F., thank you for being there big Girl friend.

P.S. I don't know if you're in the market for fancy glass mugs covered in sparkly butterflies, but if you ARE, check these out:


Blue Rose Glass Tea/Coffee Cup



And from my other blog, Epbot:

Sweet and Spooky.jpg
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