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Give Me One Moment In Time... To Scream Incoherently Into The Void

It's International "Moment of Frustration" Scream Day, minions, which is both oddly specific and refreshingly useful for just about every situation.

What's that? You don't have a "moment of frustration" to scream about?

::looks around at all of 2020 like John Travolta lost in a Target::


 Really? Nothing?

Huh. Well, OK then, here come a few scream-worthy suggestions.

They asked for a pink soccer ball cake, like this:


But instead, they got this:


(I think the noise I just made qualifies as a scream.)

"Don't worry," this next baker said in reassuring tones, "I'll just add that in and no one will ever notice."



Raise your hand if you noticed.

"John" is literally the most common name in the U.S., and pretty high up there in other English-speaking countries. EVERYONE knows a John, or has used a John. ::snerk:: Furthermore, John only has 4 letters! If any name is impossible to misspell, it has to be...


::wearily bonking head on keyboard::

::notices how they spelled 'Birthday'::

::Bonking Intensifies::

Thanks to Joe R., Allison, & Sam K. for spending some of that John dough.

P.S. I went looking for pink soccer balls, and look what I found!


Toddler Soft Soccer Ball w/ Pump

 D'awww. They also have panda and bunny versions at the link.


And from my other blog, Epbot:

Kids costumes.jpg
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