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You're About To Spend Way Too Much Time Trying To Pronounce "Tomatch"

It's "Stay Away From Seattle Day", minions, so for all of you NOT in Seattle: good job. Have some cake.

 And for you Seattle-ites: maybe try not to annoy the people who make up weird holidays. (Unless this a benefit, so you get a day free from tourists?)

Anyhoo, much like staying away from Seattle, today's cake orders were almost ridiculously easy.

First there's Kristen, who asked for a simple "Ezra is 3!" on her son's cake. Just like staying away from Seattle, a simple requirement that only leads to confusion:


Hmm. Better take it from the top, Kristen.

 Then there are the people in St. Paul, who wanted cupcakes to celebrate their city. That's all, just a little good old-fashioned pride in where they live, all the great things you can do and get there...


Oh. Oh, dear.

And finally, Melissa had the lowest bar yet: just a simple birthday cookie. What kind of decorations? Oh, you know, she said. "Just anything to match."


Thanks to Kristen S. Sweet P., & Melissa B. for the reminder that nothing is easy if you try hard enough.


P.S. This one goes out to all you folks in St. Paul:


Giant Microbes' Chlamydia Plush Toy

Listed under features: "Surprisingly cute... for an STD."


And from my other blog, Epbot:

Our Sherlock Room Build.jpg
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