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Tell Me The Opposite Of What You Want, What You Really Really Want

Happy Opposite Day, minions! 

Oh wait, or am I supposed to wish you a terrible Opposite Day? I'm a little fuzzy/slimy on the format here. 

Just to be safe, I've found a couple different examples of opposite cakes. Like numbers facing opposite directions:


Except they wrote them the right way. Huh.

What's the opposite of a facepalm? ... A buttsole?

(Don't worry, I said "butt SOLE," John. "Butt SOLE.")

Or there's Kari getting opposing messages on her retirement cake:


Maybe it's like a Freudian slip in icing.


 Then there's the cake that captures the true spirit of getting the opposite of what you want.

See, Tara wanted a minion dressed as Elsa. No, not one of you minions - though I'm sure you'd look smashing - one of the yellow minions, like this:


But instead, Tara got this:



It's an Opposite Day Miracle!!


Thanks to Emily G., Kari W., & Tara T., who knows the opposite of letting it go is chasing it down and smashing it with a hammer.

P.S. If you or your SO need help figuring out which side of the bed is yours, then this duvet's got you covered:


His & Hers Queen Duvet Set


Although the joke's on me, because the other color option in that listing (the one with the mandala) is so pretty it's making me want to redo the bedroom again. Drat.


And from my other blog, Epbot:

Small World Clock.jpg
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